Woke to a very cold morin (my Scottish accent…lol!) in the car. Yes, we spent the night in the car. There were no camping places that had availability and no place to really “wild” camp. Temperature of about 42 degrees and cloudy.

The agenda was to take it easy and just see some sights of small towns. So, no agenda really…lol We decided we would start our 2 ½ hour journey heading back towards Edinburgh. We came across a great quaint looking town called Pitlochry with a population of approximately 2,776. It is a burgh in the county of Perthshire in Scotland, lying on the River Tummel. It’s known for their Pitlochry Festival Theatre, salmon ladder, hillwalking, and climbing. We visited the Pitlochry Dam, and salmon ladder, but unfortunately could only view pre recorded salmon going up the ladder. Do to safety issues they have shut down the viewing area. We did a little walking around and took pictures of some beautiful landscape. They had the most beautiful small quaint restaurant. It was made of cobblestone surrounded by gorgeous flowers and vines. While taking pictures of small native flowers I accidentally touched a thistle. MAN DID IT HURT!!! It hurt for about 4 hours. STEP AWAY FROM THE THISTLE…lol

After visiting the damn and theater we stopped to get gas and discovered the greatest thing ever, a drive through pay gas station! Yes! You pump your gas then drive up to the drive through window, give your pump number and pay. Gas prices are just about the same as ours and fluctuate just like ours, everyday or every minute…lol

Cafe & Coffee

As we drove around taking in the breathtaking scenery we saw a sign for Huntingtower Castle. Why not? So, we did. However, it had just closed, but we did get some good pictures.

Huntingtower Castle was built in stages from the 15th century by the Clan Ruthven family and known as Ruthven Castle or the Palace. In the summer of 1582, the castle was occupied by the 4th Lord Ruthven, who was also the 1st Earl of Gowrie, and his family. Gowrie was involved in a plot to kidnap the young King James VI, son of Mary, Queen of Scots. During 1582 Gowrie and his associates seized the young king and held him prisoner for 10 months. This kidnapping is known as the ‘Raid of Ruthven’ and the Protestant conspirators behind it hoped to gain power through controlling the king. James eventually escaped and actually forgave Gowrie, but after a second abortive attempt by Gowrie and others to overthrow him, Gowrie was finally executed and his property (including Huntingtower) was forfeited to the crown.

That was a great little find, so now what, we thought? We needed a place to stay. That’s when we found a diamond in the rough, Comrie Croft Campground. This place has camping for tents and caravans, a hostel, farmhouse, tea garden, vegetable garden, mountain bike repair shop and store, along with mountain bike trails, and their own store. They have the usual showers and kitchen, freezer, fridge, and microwave. They grow all their own vegetables and never use pesticides. Their eggs come from range free organic fed hens.

All products on their shelves are organic or mostly natural. The best thing, in our option, is their tea garden. What an enchanting place to say the least!. They They have an outside area with several small tables and chairs at each table has a piece of sheep skin big enough to put around your shoulders for the cool mornings, days or evenings.

Each table has a small container of wild fresh flowers and some sort of small table game. The roof is covered with a few different varieties of vine along with tiny white lights. Also hanging from the rafters are different size tea pots, kettles, and cups. Hanging along the edge are a few tea pots hanging in macrame plant hangers and plants have been placed in the tea pots. There are whimsical signs and different decorations.

Their counter is open to the outside and on display are many kinds of delicious treats to tease your taste buds. They have several boards hanging above their counter stating all the goodies with their prices. As you move to the inside part of the tea garden you’ll find many different types of antique tables and chairs. All of which none match giving it that unique characteristic. There is a large baskets filled with many lap blankets. I e item that draws you attention is the stag antlers. Hanging from the antlers are tea cups and tea pots. There are old books placed throughout, an old fireplace mantel, an antique bird cage, old mirrors, and much more. It’s the kind of place that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The tea garden was closed when we arrived, so we are anticipating a great treat in the morning. The campground was the highlight of the day for sure.

Make memories not excuses!