Woke up to a beautiful sunny day. High today 59 low of 45. Rain coming in at 2:00pm. We hit patches of rain today, but the sun was out all day, so no worries! The weather did require a jacket. I think everyday requires a jacket.

Today’s adventures included heading south to Waterford, Ireland to visit the Waterford Crystal Factory. Squirrel….we saw a sign that said, Kilkenny, “Medieval Town,” we had to stop. Wow! Was it beautiful! We stopped and visited Kilkenny Castle, which the outside was breathing. We weren’t wanting to go inside, so we just admired the outside and took pictures. The town was quaint like the others. Shops are all right beside each other and the sidewalks only fit 2 people side by side.

Back to Waterford. Unfortunately, we did not do the Waterford crystal factory tour, but we enjoyed looking at all the hand crafted pieces. We did buy a small vase that is exquisite! The town itself is very charming and set against a small inlet of water. It used to be Ireland’s capital.

Next stop was near Killarney and the Blarney Stone and Blarney Cashmere shop. Squirrel….we see water and it’s light green and royal blue, it’s breathtaking! So we follow the sign that says, coastal route. The body of water we are seeing is the Celtic Sea which is the southern body of water. To the West is the Atlantic and to the East is the Irish Sea. The town was Dungarvan and I did my best to pronounce it in an Irish accent…lol. It’s mostly farmland, but oh that water!!! After oohing and awing we set back on the road for Blarney.

Blarney’s list is the Blarney Castle, but not sure if we will kiss the Blarney Stone. Legend says if you kiss the Blarney Stone, you will receive the gift of gab. Lord knows I don’t need that.lol So, back to Blarney. We arrived in Blarney at about 4:45pm and to our dismay, Blarney Castle and grounds were closing at 5:00pm. It’s a neat little industrial square, as they call it. There are shops of all types and restaurants. It was disappointing, but there are many more castles to see. We decided it was not worth staying the night, so for now, instead of kissing the Blarney Stone we blew it a kiss.


Got everything set up fairly quickly, no rain at this point (thank god). I cooked dinner at about 11:30pm…yes that is not a typo, 11:30pm. Anyway, checked out the showers and bathrooms, ate, and went to bed. Well, it was the worst nights sleep ever! We thought we were in level ground, but no. So, while in the sleeping bag we both kept sliding down our sleeping mat. Kevin was warm, but I was cold all night. I should have changed my clothes. They didn’t feel wet, but they much have had moisture (lessons learned). It rained most of the night, so thank his for a great tent. The tent that we rented (we rented all of our camping gear, more in another blog) kept us dry!!!! I looked up all of our equipment before renting and it is of very high quality. The tent runs about $500. As they say, you get what you pay for. So, it wasn’t the best day ever, but we still had a great adventure and many lessons learned!

Make memories not excuses!