Woke today to about 52 degrees or so. Very overcast, but no rain. It rained pretty hard most of the night, but I tell you, that tent is amazing!!!! Not one drop and no dew inside. So, off to Scotland!!! However, we had to organize and pack. It didn’t take as long as I thought it would to get everything in its rightful place and not that it had to be, but we were worried about wright portion in the suitcases.

We check around the site to make sure nothing is left behind, get in the car and it won’t start!!! What? Wait, what? Yep, car won’t start. We had been in the car going over our map for Scotland and must have left the key turned. This is not what we needed when we have the car to return and flight to catch. We proceed to the office to ask if they have jumper cables and they do not. As we walked back to the car we stop and ask several people for a jump, but to no avail. Finally, someone had cables, but would not drive his van over to jump us. It sure why other than maybe there’s things would have fallen all over. We found someone to jump us with the borrowed cables. It took awhile for it to start, but thank God it did. I guess we would have just called the rental company.In Ireland, if your rental car breaks down you call them and they send someone. We got the car filled, vacuumed, washed and returned. We did have a little hubcap damage, but it was covered by the tire and window insurance we purchased. If traveling to Ireland you SHOULD get the insurance. With the roads you will be glad you did. I will do a blog about car rentals later.

Now, we wait. We wait in line for security which seems to be miles miles of travelers. Once you get to the actual security area it’s like a mad dash, put this here, take this out, put this in another bag, and on and on. We made it to the gate, however, it was somewhat difficult to get too, but we made it. Once they called for boarding we preceded outside onto a shuttle????? I was thinking, wait, are we at the right gate? I’ve taken shuttles to the gate, but not a shuttle from the gate to the plane. Is that what we were doing? Yep, it sure was! We were being shuttled out to the plane. So, there’s that! Arrived in SCOTLAND! Claimed our bags like everyone else. We were to use a courtesy phone to call for a shuttle bus to take us to pick up the rental car. User error because I could not find the phone anywhere, so I called on my phone. We were to proceed to station 1 to wait. Do you think we could find it? Nope! So, I call, again, and ask where the stations were located. Finally found the stations, 2-10. Could not find station1. I was thinking to myself, really? I know I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but come in. So, I call, again. Yes, I did! Lol I tell the guy I’m beside station 2 looking at a walkway. He says, turn around and look behind you. Well, hot damn, there it is!!! It doesn’t make sense to have stations 2-10 all in one line and station one to be directly behind 2. At least I don’t think.
Anyway, we made it to pick up our rental car which is a Ford Fiesta and looks brand spanking new! We are starving. We both had a cup of coffee and that was it since the night prior. We made our way to a place called Ratho Park. It was a pretty neat little place with decent prices. We actually both tried Crispy Haggis Balls. If you don’t know what those are they are in a nutshell, a sheep’s innards. I know right…yuck! However, they weren’t that bad, even Kevin tried them and said they weren’t bad. I had Fish n Chips, but it wasn’t as good as it was in Dungle, Ireland. The manager told us a place to go that has the best fish n Chips in all of Scotland. We will definitely be checking that out. Kevin had Steak and Ale Pie. It was a bowl of stew meat or beef cubes win gravy with a light fluffy croissant on top. Kevin said it wasn’t too bad. After eating we looked up some campgrounds and every place I called was closed or booked. We finally found Mortonhall Caravan Park. What a beautiful place. Everything is neat and clean. We walked around the grounds, as they had Yaks and horses. We had a great night’s sleep.

Make memories not excuses!