The hidden gem of restaurants is Schmidt’s Sausage Haus and Restaurant. Located in the heart of German Village at 240 E Kossuth, Columbus, OH 43206. It sits among the brick streets and small, quaint brick homes. The history on the website states that J. Fred’s grandson, George F. Schmidt, opened the company’s first restaurant in July of 1967 just around the corner from his grandfathers’ meat packing plant in German Village. Using meat recipes from the packing days and dessert recipes from the German ladies hired to run the kitchen, Schmidt’s Sausage Haus became an instant success. Schmidt’s is still a landmark eatery in Central Ohio.

The restaurant has old wood floors, brick walls, a few stained glass windows, and just has an overall warm and cozy feeling. The waiters and waitresses are dressed in authentic German attire which adds to this overall German experience.

Schmidt’s not only has a restaurant, but has a Sausage food truck, offers catering, and a banquet room. One thing they offer that we found to be absolutely mouth watering is their German Autobahn Buffet. This buffet offers your taste buds the taste of exquisite German cooking. When you can’t narrow your choice from the menu, the buffet is the perfect choice! It offers a full salad bar, bread, bean soup, many kinds of sausage, sausage stew, 2 types of sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and gravy, mac & cheese, green beans with potatoes, and authentic German potato salad ( which is served warm).

Last, but not least, desserts! Schmidt’s is not only famous for their cooking, but their cream puffs! These cream puffs are as big as your head. The cream puff is a light pastry and stuffed with custard. I personally do not care for the custard, but I am way out numbered. Many, many people love the cream puffs which are offered in a few flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, and this days special, strawberry. We both had a piece of German chocolate cake which did not disappoint. The cake was moist with a rich chocolate icing on the side and the German chocolate icing on the top.

What else could top off this great food and atmosphere, but great music! The restaurant hosts Squeezin’ N’ Wheezin.’ Their “gemutlichkeit” sound fills the place that makes it feel like a party. They play every Thursday and Friday evening. Schmidt’s also hosts, a duo by the name of Der Musik Masters which provide the OOM PAH PAH on Saturdays/Seasonal Wednesdays starting at 7pm.

Don’t miss this German experience!!!!

Make memories not excuses!