Well, we’re off to Iceland and Switzerland this time!!! One week in each country in May. We really wanted to see the Northern Lights. After doing some research we found the weather to be too dangerous and unpredictable for our liking for when it’s best to see the lights, winter. Weather in Iceland changes on a dime, let alone during their winter. The pictures of Iceland during winter are gorgeous, but we just aren’t willing to take the chance of being in a terrible situation. Roads close, there are white outs, and very cold temperatures. As a matter of fact two tourists were just found dead as they were walking to one of the tourist attractions. It appears they died from environmental factors.

“Iceland will be just as beautiful in May as it is a beautiful country at anytime, so it seems from the pictures. We can’t wait!!!”

We have both been reading up on things to see and do in both places. Then we started plotting points of interest on our google maps and sharing them. We also have printed maps for both places and are plotting the places on those maps. Next, we started planning our route. Currently, the route for Iceland is planned out, but not for Switzerland just yet. We have points of interest plotted and will work on our route within the next week.

Airfare….Cost. So. Much. However, it does pay to shop around and even look at leaving/arriving at different airports. We buy our tickets when we get our tax return. It’s our way of not using a credit card and racking up debt. We have researched flights and know what a good price is for when the time comes to purchase.

One thing we found ridiculous is the rental cars for both places. To rent a car in both places you must put down a deposit on a credit card. The deposit can be anywhere from $3000-$5000. There are also restrictions on what credit cards you are allowed to use. You can use a debit card, without the deposit, but are required to purchase their premium insurance coverage. We purchase the premium anyway due to the roads and of the unknown of driving in another country. Their insurance covers tires, gravel damage, windshield damage, and paint damage to name a few. Just gives us a peace of mind.

Where to stay? That is the question. We are not young, so hostels are totally out of the question. However, if you are young and on a really tight budget they do the job. It would be a good way to meet others as well. For us we are older and want our privacy. One thing you need to be aware of is a lot of other countries have shared bathrooms. Make sure to read about your room prior to booking to make sure you know what you are getting. The hotels are varying in price. There is everything from budget friendly to luxury. We tend to stay between the budget friendly and mid range. Do to only staying one night in each place we just want a clean comfortable bed and a hot shower. A lot of places include breakfast. This is a good way to fill your belly for the morning and maybe grab a granola bar or something for a snack later.

We like using Booking.com as they have free cancellations and you have a choice to pay when booking or pay upon arrival. This trip we are paying at the time of booking. We are finding it’s easing our mind about things being paid for ahead of time and not worrying about how much we need in the bank. We will only have to worry about spending money for food, gas, and trinkets.

So, to wrap up, we are in the planning stages right now of our route and where to stay. We will keep you posted. This is so much fun!!!

Make memories not excuses!!!