We love shopping for treasure!! The saying One man’s trash is another one’s treasure is definitely true. Beautiful is in the eye of the beholder. We are always on the lookout for vintage items of any kind. So, this past weekend we visited three places and thought we would do a review of all three.
First up is Peddler’s Junction. Located at 1375 Old Logan Rd., Lancaster, OH 43130. Times are Sunday-Tuesday 11am-6pm, Wednesday-Saturday 10am-6pm. There are a lot of empty spaces, but it looks like there are more and more vendors selling, as we have been several times. We find that most items are a little more expensive when compared to other vendor malls. There tends to be more crafts type items as compared to vintage or flea market type finds. We like the flea market finds or vintage type items, so this is not a place we frequent.

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Second is one of our favorites, Old Shoe Factory Antique Mall. Located 301 Forest Rose Lancaster, OH 43130. Closed on Sunday’s. Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm Friday and Saturday 11am-6pm. What we love about this place is they require 80% of all vendor items to be antique or vintage. Any collectibles must be 10 years or older and currently not available in stores. It’s so much fun to go on the hunt for a hidden treasure that is either worth money, a collectible to us, or just something funky and unique. They have two floors of items and the items are always changing. There is everything from glassware to old tools and everything in between. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Holiday gift sets from Adagio Teas. Perfect bundles for tea lovers ranging from sampler sets to beautiful teapots.
Last, but not least is Anthony Drive Flea Market & Antiques. Located at 49 Anthony Dr., Newark, OH 43055. Open daily 10am-5pm. This place is very close to us, so we tend to visit more often. The staff is great and vendors are always willing to negotiate prices. Anthony’s has more antiques and vintage items than craft items. Their prices are very reasonable and items are always in very good shape. Spaces are very well organized and clean. New items are always going in and out, so it’s always fun hunting. A fun note to add.
If you are a Facebook member there is a group called Weird Second Hand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared. This is a fun group to share your finds from flea markets, thrift shops, flea markets, or from anywhere. What’s great is this group ends up giving you ideas on what you might want to hunt for. For example, there is a “thing” to have a house hippo. Apparently, the house hippo was based on a commercial to educate children about critical thinking with regard to what they see in television advertising. Now, I’m on the search for a house hippo…lol Doesn’t even matter what the intended meaning is, it’s the hunt!

Stay on the hunt for that treasure!!!!!