It’s, ok course, beautiful and chilly. It abouts 54 degrees with the sun shining brightly with a few puffy bright white clouds. We packed the night before and Kevin loaded everything last night. Now, we just have to figure out where we are returning the car since the office doesn’t open until 8:00 am. The agent had told us to return the car to the same pick up point, but at the time I did not know they would be closed. I tried calling the phone number listed, but no answer. I just thought I would try. The only thing we could do was to drive to the place of pick up. They are suppose to have free shuttle service to the airport. So, now we have to call a taxi and pay for that? I’m not a happy camper.
We stopped and got gas as we promised then straight to the pickup point, which is also the drop off point, supposedly. We pull in and see the gate closed with a sign showing the hours and they are not open. You can’t even get in to drop the keys in a box. Now what? I’m panicking again because what if we are late? I look at the time our flight leaves and it has been delayed by an hour. I tell Kevin that we just keep going as if it’s leaving at the regular time with no delay. Kevin wants to leave the car in front of the gate with the keys in it…lol. Finally, I see a sign and it says, proceed to the Premier Parking Lot to return the car and catch the shuttle. I look around and there it is. You go through a gate, get a ticket, proceed to park your car, and hand the keys to the Premier Parking Lot employee. Why wasn’t any of this explained? I have rented many cars in my life, but nothing such as this. Lessoned learned!
We boarded the plane and there is nothing eventful until…..we see Greenland. When I have flown in the past the puppet usually will come on and announce a certain area (that you are able to see) and what side of the plane it’s in, but not this time. We see a man come from behind us to look out the window of the 2 empty seats to our left, not directly across, but diagonal just a bit forward. Didn’t really think too much about it until 2 of the stewardesses look after he did. Then other people looking out the left side of the plane. Kevin over hears someone say they can see Greenland. So, we got to see the mountain tops and snow covered terrain of Greenland from the sky which was very cool.

We endured the remainder of flight by being bored, sleeping, and eating. We landed in Toronto, Canada and have a 4 ½ hour layover. So, we work on our blog and categorize our pictures and videos. Landed Columbus, Ohio at 6:20pm. Took about 45 min to get our bags. We were starting to really wind down. There was nothing to keep the momentum going to push forward except for a hot shower, hot food, and our own bed.

Until the next adventure…

Make memories not excuses!