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Fright Night – Original 1985 Vinyl Soundtrack

In 1985, writer & director Tom Holland’s “Fright Night” debuted in cinemas all around the world. This film gained a massive cult following and has gone on to become one of the most cherished vampire films in its era.
The album includes music from artists from the 80’s including The J. Giels Band, Ian Hunter, April Wine, Devo to name a few. It is heavy on synth sounds.

The album is remastered from Night Fever from the original master tapes and pressed on heavy 180 Gram Blue/White Evil Fog-Colored Vinyl and a Limited edition 180 gram blue and white evil fog colored audiophile vinyl LP

Track listing & details

Side A
J. Geils Band Fright Night 3:46
Autograph – You Can’t Hide from the Beast Inside 4:04
Ian Hunter Good Man in a Bad Time 3:42
April Wine Rock Myself to Sleep 3:31
Devo Let’s Talk 2:43
Side B
Sparks Armies of the Night 4:30
Evelyn “Champagne” King* Give It Up 3:45
White Sister Save Me Tonight 4:20
Fabulous Fontaines Boppin’ Tonight 3:30
Brad Fiedel Come to Me Vocals – Brad Fiedel 3:43

We had no trouble getting a lane on a Friday night which added to having a great time. The shoes were nice and fit well. They were in great shape and didn’t stink…lol Of course, you can find all weights of bowling balls to suit your strength. They offer what looks like a plastic slide for kids to roll the ball down the lane.

The decor is great with bright colors, comfortable couches, and tables. The lanes are lined with colored lights that change constantly, as well as the area the pins sit. The colors change across the entire alley so it makes a rainbow effect.

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