So, you want to be a world traveler? We say, “Do it and do it big.” However, with that being said, we have learned a lot already and we are just beginners. So, how do you become a world traveler? We have no idea, but this is how we are doing it.

We want to see what’s on the other side of the world. What do other cultures do? What do other cultures believe? How do they live? What is the wildlife like? What is the terrain like? What is the weather? How do we get there?

First things first. We are in no means experts, but what we are is normal everyday people thirsting for adventure. So, follow us along as we go on as many adventures as we can!!!! We will not only include write ups, but pictures, videos, and reviews. We will not only let you in on the big things, but the little things too! Come with us on our adventures and we will all learn together, as well as having one heck of a time!

Hi! This is Nannette. I absolutely love the searching. I guess it gives you something to look forward too, as well as trying to find a bargain. Who doesn’t love a bargain right? So, where do I start? I start with, who do I know that owns a place I can get cheap? Let’s face it, hotels, motels, Holiday Inn’s (reference to the 80’s song, click here Rapper’s Delight) it can be very expensive. I didn’t know anyone that had a place, so my next go to was I cannot say enough about this app. It is so user friendly. You are able to use the filters to help you decide exactly what you want. The app also lets you book right on the app which is hassle free. The other great thing is you can book without any kind of deposit. They also have free cancellation up until 24 prior to staying. However, make sure you see free cancellation, not every place has the option of cancellation with 100% money back. You never know what the future holds and you may have to cancel. The app lets you manage your reservation as well. You are able to cancel or change dates (per availability of course).

There are so many kinds of places to stay. If you are like us, you try to think outside the box. Try staying at a campground, a castle, a yurt (Webster’s definition: a circular tent of felt or skins on a collapsible framework, used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey), or even a tiny house. You never have to stay in just an ordinary hotel (hotel, motel, Holiday Inn…stuck in my head…
What have we learned so far, let’s recap:

1.) Pick a place
2.) Pick a date
3.) Consider the weather
4.) Consider alternatives to hotels, motels, Holiday Inns (sorry, I can’t get enough,…lol)
5.) Use
6.) Is there a cancellation policy
7.) Use Google Earth or CALL if you have too
8.) Kevin & Nannette have a dog and two cats that are adorable!

Next let’s talk about how to get to where you are going. For Kevin he doesn’t mind driving because he has never flown. However, that’s about to change. So, right now let’s stay with driving. Are you taking your car, truck, van, or renting? I checked out renting and it would have been very expensive by the time you put gas in the car and pay for the rental for the week. Remember, I’m talking only about rentals from home to a spot, not from a package deal of a flight, room, and car.

I don’t mind driving due to my fear of flying. Yes, I’m afraid of ending up fish food, plus Nannette drives like she stole it. She always says we have places to go, people to see, and things to do. This is try, but I would like to get there alive, so I do all the driving. The bad part about that is as I’ve gotten older I get tired quicker and the muscles get a little angry from being in one position for a long time. So, if you can get there in one piece I say share the drive. There is a great app called Gas Buddy. This tells you all the gas stations around and their current prices. Just make sure you check out the app before it’s too late and the horror movie begins. We all know that horror movies begin when you run out of gas and have to flag someone down. Be prepared to probably pay more than you are used too unless you already live in a vacation town.

You will find our trips under the travel tab. Remember, we went back a couple trips just because. Our upcoming trip is where we really start our first blogging.