Chris Isaak's Christmas Album | EarthScaper Reviews

Chris Isaak released his new album, “Everybody Knows It’s Christmas” last fall, which includes originals like “Almost Christmas” and covers such as “O Holy Night”. Isaak makes it his own with a quiet, more subtle rendition providing a different take on a beautiful song. This Christmas album is well rounded by including sentimental and reverent, as well as fun and festive music.

Many of Isaak’s eight original songs have an air of tongue and cheek, where I almost feel as though he is giving the listener a wink and a smile. Chris Isaak also illustrated the artwork for the album, which gives an at home crafting Christmas feel and has a similar look to stop motion animation reminding me of childhood favorite films. Last, but not least, the “LP is pressed on Candy Floss- colored vinyl” looking like peppermint or swirled candy; the perfect record design for the holiday.