We found a Chicken Presto Flatbread Kit at Ollies Bargain Outlet for $1.99. It contained 3 kits. At $1.99 that is less than .17 per serving. You can’t beat that. The kit contains everything you need with the exception of chicken, mozzarella cheese, and anything that you would like to add. The kit contains the flatbread crust mix, pesto sauce, and Parmesan cheese.
It was easy to make and took under 30 minutes. The instructions are very easy. You first make the crust which is just warm water added to the flour mix. You knead for just a few minutes, cover with olive oil, put in a bowl and cover with a wet towel for 10min. Next, you press dough into a 15x10in rectangle greased pan. Then apply the pesto sauce, Parmesan cheese, chicken, and whatever else you like. Last is the mozzarella cheese. Bake at 425 degrees for 12-15 minutes.

I have to say this turned out to be really good!!!! The ideas of what you could do are endless!!!! Get creative!!!

Bon Appetit!!!

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