Woke up today to beautiful sunshine! Temperature was 45-50 degrees. Although we didn’t sleep that well, WE’RE IN IRELAND!!! No Irish breakfast today, but we had good old granola bars, mixed nuts with cranraisins with infused blueberries, and of course coffee. I had saved some leftover sausage from yesterday Irish breakfast. I got good protein. We checked out of the camping ground and boy is it expensive! For 1 night, car, 2 people, and a tent (that’s how they charge) was $29.50! I think that’s expensive!! The facilities were very clean though. It was called Flesk Camping.

The agenda today was Torc Falls, MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, and Ring of Kerry. Then it was up to the West Coast.

First stop, Torc Falls! OMG! I can’t even begin to explain this area and do it justice. All I can say is that God does good work! It’s like out of a magical fairy garden. There are tall, enormous trees covered in emerald green moss and some with black fungus. These two colors make for a beautiful contrast against each other. Large boulders that are wet and somewhat covered in moss.

There are so many trees that the sun gets to peek through every now and then. This causes mist to rise from the ground which we were able to witness. It’s something movies are made it, but they use smoke machines..lol the waterfall itself is about 300ft maybe where we can see it. So far this has been my favorite place.

Next, we drove to MacGuillycuddy’s Reeks (Irish: Na Cruacha Dubha, meaning “the black stacks”) is a sandstone and siltstone mountain range in County Kerry, Ireland. Stretching 19 kilometres (12 miles), from the Gap of Dunloe in the east, to Glencar in the west, the Reeks is Ireland’s highest mountain range, and includes most of the highest peaks and sharpest ridges in Ireland, and the only peaks on the island that are over 1,000 metres (3,300 feet) in height.s. We hiked for about an hour up the base of one one, but not sure which one…lol We then pitch our tent, made dinner, set through a rain/wind storm,took a nap, and then decided to head to pack up and head to town. The air was too damp for our liking. Plus I didn’t take a change of shirts. I was cold because my clothes were damp from sweating during hiking. We knew to change our clothes, but didn’t take any. Novice error!!! That’s how you get hypothermia!

We decided we would go to an actual campground. Looking on the map it was an hour and 20 min away. So, off we went. Mind you this is 9:45pm at night. It does not get dark here until about 10:45pm. While driving we came across Ballaghbeama Gap. This place was so so scary! Of course, we drove through it as it was getting dark. I was not able to get pics, unfortunately. I did get a quick video, so look on our YouTube Channel. It’s an area of mountainous rock. However, it had the weirdest vibe. It felt like someone was watching us or a feeling as if we weren’t supposed to be there.

We arrived at the campground to find that there was nothing marked to pitch a tent, although the website and sign showed tent camping. So, back online I went and found another (Mannix Point Campground). This time it would take another hour and backtracking. By this time it is 1:30am. We are both tired, hunger, and sore. So, another lesson and experience.

Make memories not excuses!