Earthscaper is a site done by us novice travelers to share our adventures in travel, fun eats, music, and movies. We always wanted to travel but didn’t have the know how. Who doesn’t love to eat, watch a good movie, listen to some awesome music in a new place you’ve never been? So, we will share how to get to where you’ve never been, spots of interest in the food world, along with movie and music reviews. So, come along with us as we discover new places, new food, new movies, and awesome music!

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Let me introduce ourselves, We are Kevin and Nannette Bell. Nannette is 50 and I’m 48. We married December 24, 2018. My first marriage and Nannette’s second. Neither one of us has children, so it does make it easier for us to travel and do fun things! Our kids consist of Rocky our ChiChon dog, Baby and Romeo our cats.

I am a self-employed web developer and musician. Nannette is a hospice nurse. We are doing what we love and love what we do. Of course, our other love is traveling. When we both go together we knew this would be an adventure! So far, it’s been awesome. We will share some of the travels we have already been on what is coming up! Since we are just starting this blog some of the past trips that we will mention will not be as detailed as the one and future ones coming up. Nonetheless, we thought it would be helpful to write about these as we all can learn from each trip.

It's Me! Posted by Kevin Bell : 3/23/2019